Launch of final report

Smart Grids offer clear potential to contribute to a number of UK policy goals, including delivery of secure and affordable energy, as well as aiding the transition to a low-carbon economy. In addition they could allow us to transform the ways we produce, deliver and consume energy. Smart grids could even change our conception of these services. As yet, there has been little in-depth research into what factors might influence this potential, how such a grid might develop from today to 2050 and who might be the winners and losers in this process.

This event launches the findings of a major new research project, funded by the UK Energy Research Centre and carried out by a multi-institutional team led by Dr Nazmiye Ozkan of the Policy Studies Institute at the University of Westminster, which aims to advance understanding of smart grid deployment and utilisation by developing and evaluating a number of socio-technical scenarios.

Particular consideration has been given to key transition points within the possible scenarios and the spatial differences in the UK energy system, from 2020 to 2050. The work incorporates pace and scalability of technology deployment, cost and finance, organisational business models involved, regulatory style, the role of users, and international drivers and linkages.

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